Course Expectations

Expect a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which to train with your firearm.

Expect to expend only that amount of ammunition required to properly learn and perform an individual drill. We believe that quality is more important than quantity. Once the class is performing a drill without major problems, we will continue on another subject. A drill, once learned, is "perfected" as the course progresses.

Expect to have time taken to find causes of and the cures for any marksmanship problems one may have. We will gladly work during breaks, after class hours, etc. to help an individual student with such problems.

Do NOT expect to have a bull's-eye style marksmanship. We run DEFENSIVE courses, NOT target shooting courses. If you are putting the shots through the same hole at all times, you are giving your opponent too much time. HOWEVER, this is NOT to say that it is permissible to "spray" the shots. They must be contained within the appropriate vital zone and in an acceptably tight group.

Do NOT expect to simply go from short to long distances. As the current average distance for a confrontation is about 7 feet, we have opted to keep the majority of our training close-in and compound the problems rather than worry about distance. For example, Stage I Handgun courses will generally not go beyond 15 yards.

Do NOT expect to be forced into a certain style of shooting or body position. We recognize that each individual is different in physique, capabilities and life-style. While we feel we can justify the use of certain styles and positions, and will ask a student to at least try these, we permit a student to use any position that will allow him/her to achieve consistent marksmanship and not compromise their safety.

Do NOT expect to be told that we offer the best training available. While we obviously feel that we provide good, sound and experienced training, there is never only one way to do something. The instructor does NOT know more about your life-style than you do! We suggest that a person goes to every school that he or she can afford and make up their "toolbox" from everything offered. Don't forget, if you don't agree with anything you have been shown, you have learned something.

You will get what we believe to be a sound basis in the fundamentals of "GUNFIGHTING" - marksmanship, gunhandling and tactical thinking.

You will have an understanding of your marksmanship problem - if one exists - AND HOW TO CONTROL IT.

Drills will have been done from a tactical perspective, WITH EXPLANATIONS GIVEN. You will have been encouraged to begin thinking of not only your shooting in this way, but other aspects of your life as well - don't intentionally give the assailant(s) the edge!

You will NOT get a panacea. No course, no matter how good it is, can teach you in a matter of days what it takes years to learn. All courses are only beginnings - the rest is up to you.

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